Friday, February 1, 2013

Bommer 3029 Double Acting Spring Hinge

When it comes to Door Hinges the Bommer 3029 Double Acting Spring Hinge is a easy choice when you are looking for a quality and versatility of application. The Bommer 3029 Hinge is solid steel construction and Made in the USA, is Non-Handed, and its Door Flange can be Mortised or Surfaced applied to the edge of the door.
Bommer 3029 Hinge

The Bommer 3029 comes in many sizes as well to accommodate any job required. Its offered in 8" inch (3029-8), 7" inch (3029-7), 6" inch (3029-6), 5" inch (3029-5), and 4" inch (3029-4) models just to name a few. So there is something for every need you might have.

Bommer  Spring Hinge Operation